M-Seller is a  FirstKenyan mobile phone sales subscription service. M-Seller has been developed to provide service to distributors and sales persons.The service  provide cashless transactions as it will utilise the cashless transfer services

What is M-SELLER?

M-Seller is a Sales Manager with the following key benefits:-

  1. Very affordable as fees are charged per sales decive
  2. Minimal investment required as only ordinary Windows mobile phone is required
  3. Eradicates theft of cash by providing cashless sales via cashless transfer services
  4. Removes the headache and costs of hiring security firms to transfer money to the bank as sales proceeds are transferred electronically direct to bank account
  5. Makes the tedious sales reconciliation simple as this is promptly available from m-seller with a touch of a button!
  6. Optional acceptance of payments via cash or cheque
  7. Sales reports can be accessed any time using any PC or Phone with internet connection.
  8. Optional posting of sales information to subscribers financial system

How does it work?

Goods are loaded on the vehicle and information captured by M-Seller

The salesperson drives to the sales outlets to sell.

At the sales outlet, the salesperson takes the outlets order using M-Seller.

The salesperson confirms the order’s details with outlets representative as entered in the mobile phone and asks the representative to transfer funds to the salesperson’s mobile phone.

After the salesperson receives SMS funds transfer confirmation,he enters the funds transfer transaction number into the M-seller and an order confirmation SMS is sent to the outlet representative mobile phone. A confirmation printout is also generated if the sales person mobile phone has an inbuilt printer.

The salesperson then releases the goods to the outlet representative and the sale is concluded and the sales person proceeds to the next outlet.

At any time, the sales information can be accessed from M-seller using any internet connected phone or computer and view and print sales reconciliation and other eports.

How does a subscriber sign up ?

You can Sign up for a FREE trial

Sales information is setup

Business accounts are setup

Sales mobile phones are installed with M-Seller

If satisfied after trial, sign up for the service


The charge is as per sales device and is provided at the time of subscription based on information provided by the subscriber.

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